Best Commonwealth PhD scholarships 2023 in the UK

The candidates who belong to the developing or least developed countries and are pursuing PhD in UK can avail the opportunity of getting Commonwealth PhD scholarships in the UK.  The objective behind these scholarships includes the International Development being led by the government of UK. It offers the demonstration of commitment made by UK government under the framework of Commonwealth scholarship and fellowship plan. This program offering fully funded scholarships for international students combines the national interest of UK with its sustainable development in order to provide unlimited opportunities to the international individuals who are talented professional in their fields.

These fully funded scholarships are meant for attracting talented people from common wealth countries with identifiable qualities from any kind of background so that when they return to their countries they become better leaders and exclusive collaborators.

Need of scholarship

The development needs of countries included in Commonwealth are being contributed by Commonwealth PhD scholarships by supporting research at doctoral level. This will be having a long-lasting impact on the development of those countries. These PhD scholarships UK  are funded by the Commonwealth and development office are offered in order to make the research and teaching capacity better on an individual level which will lead to increase in the institutional capacity in education as well as other economic sectors  in commonwealth countries.

These PhD scholarships UK will also help in improving higher education in the UK by inviting International candidates of better caliber and research qualities so that they may form collaborations with the locals in the research field and help those students who cannot afford doctoral study in the UK.


Those students who are ready to share their research qualities with others and can perform developmental research in the UK can take benefit from the Commonwealth PhD scholarships. As a result they will be able to become high caliber innovators, leaders, researchers and teachers in their respective countries.

Eligibility criteria 

In order to apply for Commonwealth scholarships, a candidate is required to be a resident of Commonwealth country or must be a protected person sponsored by British government.

  • The residency of candidate in the respective Commonwealth country must be permanent.
  • The candidate who is looking for doing PhD in UK is required to be available for research program at the time when academic year starts in UK in September 2023.
  • The student from a Commonwealth country who is seeking a commonwealth scholarship 2023 must be having a degree of upper second class at least and a relevant Master’s degree by September 2023.
  • The candidate must not be a registered student of doctoral research or MPhil in UK or any of their resident countries to get fully funded scholarships for international students before the session commencing in September 2023.
  • The candidate must also fulfill the criterion of not affording doctoral research fee while studying in University in the UK.
  • Last but not the least student seeking admission in PHD program under Commonwealth scholarship must fulfill all the requirements of documents that are asked at the time of application.

Worth of scholarship

The scholarship for PhD in UK offered by Commonwealth includes the traveling cost, university fees and personal expenses. The candidates would not be allowed to concurrently covering any other fully funded scholarships or benefits falling under the same program.

You are required to make all the record by your name so that your application can be administered effectively after submission without any hassle. All your details will be kept by the relevant Authority in case of your nomination for any scholarship offered to commonwealth countries. They are being into analytical research and for that purpose your data and that of others will be kept demographically in an anonymous way.

They have committed that all of your personal information will be protected under data law and transparency would be followed after collecting your information when you apply for fully funded scholarships for international students.

You will be notified by email from the respective Authority that you are successful with your application and your selection for PhD scholarships UK has been done provisionally, owing to the agreement of all terms and conditions.

To prove your Proficiency in English to apply for commonwealth scholarship, you will be required to submit evidence that you are proficient at certain level in speaking English.  The good news is that you will not be required to take IELTS which is an English language test.

If there is a contravention in the terms and conditions of some scholarship you have earned earlier, then you will not be able to get the Commonwealth scholarship in any case. After you agree to all the terms and conditions offered by the relevant Authority, a notification will be sent to you having a formal offer of the scholarship you have just got.

Selection criteria

You should meet the following criteria in order to get your application being considered:

  • Merit according to the academics.
  • The study plan and its quality.
  • The development and its impact on the home country of candidate potentially.


  • You can get the opportunity of studying through commonwealth scholarship 2023 in any of the universities in UK which are in agreement with the Commonwealth and development office. The fully funded scholarships will be granted only if you are enrolled in a full-time program for the duration of 36 months.
  • The scholarship will only be granted for completion of that specific degree in which the candidate was enrolled in the beginning. The funding for PhD in UK cannot be extended for any other degree mentioned earlier.
  • Only a course that will be having a full time study can be studied under these scholarships and no other course can be undertaken at the same time.

Direct applications cannot be sent to UK foreign or Commonwealth and development office. In fact there are some agencies nominated for this purpose and to bring the candidates application to the respective Department.  All of them have got different selection procedure for commonwealth scholarship 2023 and their eligibility criteria may also vary.

Getting Commonwealth scholarship is quite affordable but you are required to fulfill a certain Criterion.  After studying in doctoral research program you would be able to contribute in the development of not only the UK but also the development of your respective home countries.

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