10 Best Scholarships in UK for Medical Students 2023

It is a dream of so many young graduates of underdeveloped or developing countries to go abroad for completing their higher studies. If it is with a scholarship then studying out of the country in the field of medicine is really something everyone wants to go for. Most of the students from underdeveloped countries want to seek UK scholarships. If you are the one who is seeking scholarships for international students in UK then you are going to read about 10 Best Scholarships in UK for Medical Students 2023 shortly.

Generally, even in the United Kingdom, the cost of studying medicine is too high. Therefore, the only major problem faced by students from developing or underdeveloped countries in UK is the lack of funds. To overcome this problem and to facilitate the international students in the field of Medicine, grants and fully-funded international student’s scholarships are offered to the candidates who qualify a certain criteria.

In case you ever dreamed of UK scholarships for international students, then don’t worry as here you will get all the information regarding UK university scholarships for international students in the field of Medicine.  The number of fully funded scholarships in UK is infinite but here are the10 Best Scholarships in UK for Medical Students 2023 you must look at.

He said we have mentioned some of the very prestigious UK university scholarships which are offered to the international students in UK.

Hull York International Medical College scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to the students who belong to the field of surgery and general medicine.  It is offered to the international students purely on the basis of financial need and merit.  During the first two years of their studies the beneficiaries can get major part of their tuition fees covered under this program.

Birmingham Global scholarship of Excellence

The College of Dentistry and medical Sciences is offering a wide number of scholarships under the global scholarship program. They’re called Global scholarships as these scholarships are offered to the international students around the globe on the basis of certain criteria.

If you are a student of a developing country and have got excellence in your field of study then the scholarships for international students in UK is definitely for you.  Students from Britain can also apply for this scholarship if they’re studying medicine or Dentistry.  These scholarships what international students in UK can be available the students of graduation, post-graduation, master’s program and Dental Sciences.

The International Scholarship for pharmacy

The University Of Birmingham Pharmacy College is offering this scholarship. It is for the students who are seeking diploma in pharmacy for the period of five years. Every year five International students who are well-deserving get the opportunity of availing international scholarships. The international students who are studying pharmacy at the University of Birmingham can get UK scholarships which cover complete tuition fees for five years.

Commonwealth scholarships for distance learning

You should go to opt for this scholarship if you want to get a master’s degree in the UK.  Interestingly, you can avail this Fellowship for international students in UK while residing in your own country. An eligibility criterion to apply for this scholarship is just to be a citizen of some developing country.  A lot of benefits with scholarships for international students in UK include a full coverage of tuition fees, traveling tickets, Visa fees, stipend for maintenance and many other benefits as well.

The University of Dundee PHD scholarships

These PHD scholarships are offered to the international students of developing countries. The students who avail this scholarship can get their fees reduced by 50%.  There are so many other benefits under this scholarship for the students who deserve.

Global mental health Fellowship in the UK

The London School of hygiene and tropical medicine is the sponsor of the scholarship. The students who belong to South America, East Asia, Africa and all other developing countries are eligible to apply for the scholarship. This program offers scholarships for international students in UK specifically to the students who want to pursue a master’s degree in the field of mental health.

Liverpool School of tropical medicine scholarships

This program is offering UK scholarships for international students who are studying tropical medicine and hygiene.  The scholarship is also available for those physicians from developing countries who want to update their knowledge in the field of infections and other health problems. A full tuition fee is covered under this program.

King’s College London scholarships

Those International students who are unable to study medicine in the UK are offered PHD scholarships under this program by King’s College London. The international scholarships are offered to undergraduate, doctoral and postgraduate students.

The John Abernathy Scholarship

This program runs under Queen Mary University of London. It offers scholarship to British as well as international students who are studying medicine. Under the required academic performance, the students can avail fully funded scholarships for international students in UK under this program for complete 5 years.

The Chevening scholarships

These scholarships are offered by the government of UK with strong background in academics and have got a potential of leadership. The international students scholarships are fully funded and covers Visa fees, cost of living, cost of traveling, and the required medical tests.

Tips for getting Medical scholarships in UK:

All of the UK scholarships mentioned above are different and their eligibility criteria vary too. If you want to pursue any of the scholarships mentioned above here are some tips to follow.

  • Make sure that you are well aware of the instructions regarding application and you know the required qualification, documents and benefits you are going to avail before beginning your application procedure.
  • Make sure that all the required documents have been arranged by you before you start the application process.
  • Your cover letter must include those qualities which add value to your application including your leadership qualities, your exclusive traits and your services to the community etc.
  • In case you are being invited to an interview, you should be fully prepared for it beforehand.

If you want to study medicine in the UK with fully funded scholarship then it is quite achievable.  All you need is to look for the best international scholarships you can avail and to be prepared beforehand so that you may not find any difficulty during the whole process. All the international students scholarships mentioned above are for the students of Medicine and if you are one of them, apply to the most suitable scholarship right now to make your future bright.


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